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The Compulsion That Is Travel Insurance and Why You Need to Pay Attention to It

Everyone’s familiar with Murphy and his law that has been infuriating people since it first became familiar to people but even out here, there are a chosen few where it is seen occurring more frequently than the rest.

Take travelling for example, where, like it or not, the reasons for setting forth on a journey can be categorized along a sliding scale that ranges from compulsory at one end and for the sheer joy of it at the other. But no matter what the underlying driving factor is, there is simply no escaping the fact that things can and do go wrong. Worse is the realization that when it is the latter that occurs, the after-effects are best measured under varying degrees of devastation. The only salvation in such instances is the cover on offer from one’s travel insurance policy than can act like a salve. Unfortunately though, people happen to be clueless in most instances since they view it as something that is sold by the booking agent or ticketing site and is therefore not that important.

The best way to get over this self-deprecatory lethargy is through determined efforts to educate one on the many aspects that are used when dealing with travel insurance. The average policy purchase offers a safety net against incidents related to trips being cancelled or re-scheduled without prior warning by the travel partner, medical intervention and supervision, misplaced/lost baggage cases, flight disruptions and the unfortunate passing away of the policy holder. Also, while there is a certain minimum level of coverage that every traveller is required to have (especially for overseas trips) there is no limitation on the maximum coverage that one can opt for. But like it is with other forms of insurance, why waste money on excess coverage when the funds saved can be utilized for something better and offers a lot more pleasure.

One of the easiest things to do is check if you have any pre-existing coverage. It is surprising to see people forget about this simple step that can save them a lot of money and hardship. The thing is most people have bank cards today and the chances are that they offer insurance as an add-on. If so, then the only thing remains is to update yourself on the nitty-gritty’s and run a self-check to see if this would be enough. In-case, this isn’t the case, then there’s no need to fret, much! A simple call to the relationship manager or the banking services provider should reveal if an arrangement is indeed possible.

Similarly, keeping a lookout for other, potentially ‘hidden’ sources of coverage might save you the day! Typical suspects could range from the kind employer who’s offered you a group cover in recognition of your contribution to the growth of the firm to the humble motor insurance. Sometimes, it is not the devil but the sweetest fruits that lie in the details and a good old shakedown is all that is needed to reveal them!