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Three Good Times to Conduct a Home Inventory

Still haven’t made a list of your home’s belongings? What are you waiting for? If you read my other articles, you know it’s not as daunting as it seems. OK, I understand. You just haven’t found the right time to do it. You haven’t found a good enough opportunity to plunge into this task. Well, let’s make a deal. If I give you three good opportunities when you should do an inventory, will you do it? Great! Here are three good times to conduct a home inventory.

During spring cleaning. Now, I know I advise you to clean your home prior to conducting an inventory, so you can logically conclude that any time you are cleaning your home, it’s also an excellent opportunity to make a list of your stuff. Now, when I say cleaning your home, I’m not talking about when you move stuff around, because company is coming over. I’m talking about a thorough cleaning. Spring cleaning is the time when you move furniture away from the walls to mop behind it. While the computer desk is away from the wall, take a moment to copy down the serial number, make, and model of your monitor, printer, and CPU. When the entertainment center is away from the wall, get the information from the back of your DVD player, television, and stereo. You get the point. This is a classic opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

When rearranging furniture. As you read in the spring cleaning example, a great opportunity to conduct a home inventory is when the furniture is already moved away from the walls. If you are rearranging furniture, that’s even better than cleaning. The furniture is not just off the wall, but moved totally, giving you 100% access to the backs of your equipment, where the serial numbers are typically located.

Moving into or out of your home. OK, you see how these examples are going. They are from good opportunity to great opportunity. Now we are at an excellent opportunity. If you are moving your own stuff, this might seem to be extra work to an already large task, but it’s really not. Let me explain why. Just the other day (this is a true story, by the way) I was driving home from the mall when all of a sudden the traffic stopped. My wife and I debated on why the traffic stopped, finally agreeing on a probable accident. After a brief moment, the traffic started moving again. We saw flares on the road and cop cars, but no accident. Suddenly, we came up on truck that had burnt up truck mounted on its trailer. When we came up along the side of the truck my wife noticed it was a Ryder truck, all burnt up. You get my point. You might want to have a good inventory of your belongings prior to moving out, because you just never know. If you decline to do one while you are moving out and you make it to your destination without incident, be sure to make a list when as you move in.

So, there you have it; three good, great and excellent opportunities to conduct your personal home inventory. You know what you have to do. You promised. If you don’t have the time or patience to do it yourself, I urge you to please contact a professional to do it for you.