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What Is Covered Under Full Coverage Dental Plans?

If you have a full coverage dental plan this will cover for all the dental procedures that are considered basic or normal. It will also cover for teeth cleaning, but only in the limit of two such cleanings a year. Other dental procedures might be covered totally, partially or not at all, depending on the complexity of the procedures. Teeth cleanings are considered very important because they maintain a good condition and they prevent more serious (and expensive) problems to occur.

Full coverage dental plans are nothing similar with discount plans. Full coverage ones are a form of dental insurance that is purchased from the insurance companies. You actually buy a policy that stipulates exactly what the company is paying for and what’s not. Full coverage dental plans don’t cover for everything, as many people tend to believe. Once you have received the dentals services, the bill goes from your dentist to the insurance company, but you have to also come up with the money for deductibles of co-payment. Some procedures are not covered at all, if this is how it was mentioned in the policy. Insurance companies also don’t cover for pre-existing conditions. These are conditions that were already affecting you when you purchased the policy.

The main idea is that full coverage dental plans cover for all procedures that are considered basic or minor. They exclude more expensive procedures. For such procedures you can have a discount plan. This won’t cover entirely for any procedures, but it will allow you to benefit of discount rates.

Full coverage dental plans are going to pay in case you do a cleaning, x-rays, root canals, bonding or fillings. For some of them you might have to pay a low cost also. If on the other hand you will need surgeries, dentures or implants, these won’t be covered. Insurance companies consider that complex procedures could have been prevented by getting adequate dental care sooner. Other procedures are not covered because they are cosmetic ones. These include whitening and implants.

It is recommended to choose your full coverage dental plan by analyzing the exact procedures that it covers for. It might be better to pay a higher rate and to be sure that it will cover for more expensive procedures you might require later on. You will make a good deal on the long run because dental services are very expensive to pay from your own pocket.