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Van Insurance – Do You Really Need It?

Van insurance is important and it is compulsory to have it when driving on British roads. Although you only need basic cover third-party, this will do you fine to stay on the road and run your business. Part of your commercial vehicle (vans, lorries, buses or cars) insurance usually has to include public liability insurance. Then your business will be covered for people who are hurt in the event of an accident for any damages caused to them by anyone employed by your company.

You will need to have your vans (or other vehicles) covered for fire, theft, and windscreen repairs. Most commercial insurance companies do not insure you for acts of god (as they say). So if you live anywhere in the UK that is known for flooding or bad storm hot spots and your vehicles are damaged by the weather, you will have no right to claim.

There are some benefits that can be removed from a van insurance policy to help you reduce the cost of your policy. The best ways to discover the benefits you don’t need is to go thought your policy and remove the benefits you do not need for your business. Oh I forgot to say, by increasing your excess on the policy, you could reduce the cost of the policy.

If you have more than one commercial vehicle, you have a choice of fleet insurance so you can manage all your vehicles more effectively and reduce the risks involved in your business. If you are looking for insurance for more than one vehicle and you do take out a fleet insurance cover try keeping your drivers over 25 with at lease two years driving experience with a clean drive licence.