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Be Cautious And Careful, Ask Questions And Get Clarification Before You Opt For Mobile Insurance

Let’s count the essential things in our everyday life. I am sure that our mobile device will stand among top five crucial things of daily utilities. It is a significant companion of our daily life as we can’t even think about a hassle free day spent without it. It does not only support a scheduled lifestyle, but also keeps people connected with the whole world. The significance of mobile phones can be estimated from the fact that even a mere thought of losing it frightens us.

Our affection towards mobile phones has made this so valuable that anyone can easily take the benefit. Several (not every) mobile insurance companies are using the same thing by endorsing our fear. Mobile Insurance is always a matter of confusion amidst the smart phone users. One of the prime reasons behind this topsy-turvy situation is that several mobile insurers have failed to impress their clients by catering to their services. They have kept their prime focus only on making money indiscriminately.

Usually, the agents of Insurance Provider urge you at the time of registration, “Sir/Ma’am, we shall take care of everything”,but start counting conditions at the time of claim. Facing all such hurdles, we think once about mobile insurance at the time of buying a new handset. I am not against opting for mobile insurance, but I personally suggest all to inspect as much as you can before taking any decision. This is just a matter of caution to be careful, ask questions and get clarification of all your doubts. Here are a few points that you may raise before your insurance provider.

Proposal Certificate and Insurance Certificate: If you apply for a mobile insurance, the insurer issues an Insurance Proposal Certificate. The certificate contains all terms and conditions of the concerned policy as well as provides brief proof of all your information that you submitted while applying for insurance. The Insurance Company verifies your application and gives approval. When your insurance application will be approved, you will receive an Insurance Certificate. This certificate is a summary of the contract between you and the insurer. These two documents are very important and you must make sure that you are receiving these from your insurer.

Claim Procedure and Exclusions: May everyone stay away from mishaps. But we all have had problems with our mobile phones, i.e. dropping it on the floor, getting it wet, losing during a journey or in some other ways. One should collect the brief idea about the claim procedure at the time of buying mobile insurance. One should also gather all the situations/exclusions, which insurer refuses to cover. Most of the insurance providers ask money at the time of settling the claim for the sake of deductibles, but the insurance agents hide the info. It’s up to you that how you tackle the circumstances and accumulate the best out of that.

Role of Insurance Agent in Claim Procedure: Usually, insurance agents promise to assist you at every step in claiming your insurance. Once you buy a policy from them, they start giving you less value because they focus on obtaining newer clients only. Therefore, it is more important for a consumer to clarify everything before paying money to them. Basically, most of us are not aware of proper documentation and methodology of filing claims, deductibles, loss coverage and replacements. The assistance of Insurance Agent is the most imperative lead for successful claim settlement.

Track record of claim settlement: Don’t forget to ask/check the company’s track record in terms of indisputable claim settlement. Don’t let your Insurance Provider cheat you, in terms of describing policy before you.

To avoid a troublesome relationship with your Insurance Provider, you must evacuate all the concerns initially.